Behind the Scenes of Milton Green

It was absolutely beautiful to see the sunrise over Brisbane City especially from the eleventh story of a building in Milton Green business precinct. Such a great way to start a three day shoot for Milton Green – capturing a perfect time-lapse for the opening of the video.

Working with Creswick Creative from Melbourne we captured and highlighted the facilities, building spaces, amenities and of course the ideal location of Milton Green, it was an action packed three days #neveradullmoment

It was a fun and exciting shoot with very early starts and lots of coffee – here the behind the scenes pictures we captured.

Getting the shot!

Recreating the storyboard – making sure we get the right angles and showcase the amenities at Milton Green.

Meet the Talent

We had an awesome group of talent on the shoot – meet Miks, Alex, Luke, Russ and Winson plus Stanley and (Glen from Creswick Creative and I stepped in when needed LOL)

Yoga at Lunch

It’s awesome that Milton Green offers yoga classes at lunch – we re-created this for the shoot 🙂

The Food

We absolutely loved capturing the market – so many different and delicious cuisines, plus we also personally tried coffee from every single cafe in Milton Green. So many wonderful food and beverage options!


Luke getting a ‘pretend’ hair cut in the Barber shop!

The Boardroom

Shooting a meeting in the boardroom which overlooks the Brisbane river.

Night Time at Milton Green

Our last shot was to capture Milton Green at night!

Until next time Brisbane!



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