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Why is video branding so important….Video branding creates a unique emotional connection.

In this digital age, video is a fundamental necessity… it can be powerful when combined with the right narrative and visual cues. This can evoke or instill an emotion in a potential client about your product, service or brand.

Did you know google LOVES videos. Since buying YouTube, Google algorithms heavily favour video content over text-based. Google is designed to get the most relevant information and content to the user. You’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.


Southport Sharks re-brand video

In 2017 Gold Coast AFL football club, The Southport Sharks decided to rebrand their club, to modernise the brand but also retain some form of their heritage. We provided video production and editing to capture and highlight the creative process in designing the new brand and identity. Speaking with the CEO of Southport Sharks Dean Bowtell this video discusses along with the designer Matt Vergotis the creative steps of the re-brand. We created their main video which was to be featured on their website plus provided a shorter 60 second version for their social media channels.


Southport Sharks re-brand video

ATP Science

This business video captures a real insight about the history of ATP Science with Jeff Doidge (Managing Director of ATP Science). This video highlights his personal account on how he came to create the brand – from making lots of mistakes to always learning from them. ATP Science is all about results not excuses.

We absolutely love telling the story behind the brand, this allows the viewer to see the real people behind the product and helps connect the viewer to the brand on another level. To create a cohesive brand awareness campaign we produced a short highlight version which showcased their product which was made specifically for their social media channels.


ATP Science Business Video


This behind the brand video is a terrific way to connect and engage the audience – it humanizes the brand. We worked with Shape to produce this video to discover the brilliant team behind SHAPE – Australia’s leading commercial fitout and refurbishment specialist. This is a great marketing tool because you aren’t direct selling but telling a story with an authentic message whilst positioning your brand in the mind of the consumer. Plus we always love trips to Sydney 😉


The Team Behind Shape


Omen Screen Printing Specialsts

Every business is unique so different styles work for different businesses! In this business profile video for Omen Printing we created a motion graphics style explainer video – this was a fantastic way to communicate their brand story to the viewer with clear and short points but letting the visuals do the ‘talking’. We brought their already created branding elements into this video to create a cohesive branding campaign. This was another great way to showcase the personality of the business and provide the viewer with an exciting and innovate video that will set them apart from their competitors.

Remember every video needs a beginning, a middle, and an end just like any Hollywood movie so we introduced the brand, mentioned the product and services and concluded with a call to action. 


Omen Screen Printing Specialsts

If you are interested in telling your brands story – we would love to help! So make sure you get in touch 🙂

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