Hobart Adventures!

Another week, another location! Josh our Creative Director was on the road again for his next adventure, straight after returning from Boston! This time to Hobart in Tasmania #neveradullmoment #jetlag

With another incredible location with picturesque views and breathtaking scenery this was a great opportunity for Josh to try out his new blogging toys including the Sony RX 100v camera and DJI Spark drone. After filming finished each day Josh took the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of Hobart – trekking up mountains to get a prime spot to launch the drone and camping out to capture the perfect Hobart sunset.

(P.s) this was just for fun – lets call it a passion project for Josh. He always finds the beauty in any place and loves to share what he finds along the way. Check out the pictures Josh captured of the city, hinterland, Hobart’s Constitution Dock, the Tasman Bridge, the old world styled architecture and of course the food!

Also make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to and click the link – Josh also made a cool video from the drone footage he captured! It’s next level!

Hobart’s Constitution Dock

Hobart’s Constitution Dock is filled with such history making moments like the arrival point for yachts competing in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

Salamanca Place

This street is the location of the famous Salamanca Market.


Coffee Coffee Coffee

The classic food shot – number one thing to do when in a new city is to find the best coffee house and make sure their breakfast is top notch.

Tasman Bridge

The Tasman Bridge connects the two shores of Hobart!

dji Spark drone

This drone is like a mini pocket rocket! With automatic quickshot modes and the same weight as a can of coke, this drone is the perfect accessory to create the blog 🙂


Josh checked out one of the most iconic restaurants in Hobart called The Drunken Admiral (pictured on the bottom left) #bestseafoodever

Click here to watch the video Josh made using the footage he captured with DJI sparks drone 🙂


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