SkyPoint Climb – Video Production

Ok, question? Are you okay with heights? – me, yes I should be fine.

Well, that was definitely an understatement when I stepped out onto the first step of the SkyPoint Climb (Australia’s highest external building climb – rising 270m into the air) – no biggie!

Cheating death was not on my Tuesday afternoon list of ‘to dos’ but never a dull day at The Edit Suite!

Working with Urban List and SkyPoint – The Edit Suite was engaged to capture and highlight the SkyPoint climb – not just through the day but also at Sunset.

Here are our behind the scenes picture 🙂 Definitely worth the trip up – the views are INCREDIBLE!


The team suited up and pumped ready to climb! We then headed to Australia’s fastest elevators taking you from ground to Level 77 (SkyPoint Observation Deck) in 42.7 seconds!

It was a process to get Josh and myself ready for the climb – Josh had to have both his cameras and equipment attached to him for safety reasons! I was able to take my phone but it had to be tapped and attached to rope which was then attached to me – definitely added to the pressure of the climb!

After getting a quick demonstration about how we are connected to the railing we moved outside the building and started our climb to the summit.

When we reached the top it was absolutely breathtaking – very calming and freeing. I was quiet surprised how relaxed I became after reaching the top!


Winston was a daredevil – he did a handstand at the top of the climb! #crazy

Josh capturing the stunning view from the top. The weather wasn’t ideal – but there was breaks of blue sky and sunshine so we definitely had to be quick to capture the shots.

Sunset was incredible – climbing in the evening was spectacular, definitely a must do! It was incredible when the sky started changing, such a beautiful sunset with intense colours.

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